Sunday, April 8, 2012

HASA news - reviews (and more)

A HASA member recently sent in a proposal for a site fundraiser, and it is great! In short:

  1. We use a Nuzgûl or Oliphaunt challenge, or perhaps come up with a new one.
  2. The challenge starts May 1 and runs until June 1.
  3. Authors write a story to meet the challenge prompt.
  4. These challenge entries will be featured on HASA's home page in place of the usual reviewed stories as soon as there are three entries and will remain on the home page all during the challenge.
  5. Readers will offer pledges for each story that is posted to the Challenge - they have to be a full story, not just a story placeholder.
  6. For each dollar raised in story pledges, HASA's Secret Admirer will put up a matching dollar, up to $500.

Want to know more? Then come to the Story Pledge Challenge Forum. We look forwards to your ideas and thoughts!


Since the previous Bulletin, three stories passed through review while there are currently 12 stories waiting for reviewers. Make an author's day and review a story!

As I type this, there are 12 stories waiting for your review (remember to log in before you follow the link).

Member participation is crucial for reviews. The more people are involved in reviewing, the more different opinions are represented. Having more people involved also means that stories pass through review more quickly – which is good for everyone. If you are an active reviewer, why not go and check out a story?

Or, if you are a writer, take the plunge and submit a story for review; and when you do, please remember: Put one in, take one out.

By submitting a story for review, you are asking nine other members to read and evaluate it. So why not do for the other authors who have a story in review what you'd like other reviewers to do for you: check out one of the stories already in review and give it a read.

Becoming a reviewer

If you're not an active reviewer, but think you can spare a bit of time... – even if you just review one or two stories in a month, every review is welcome. If you are logged in, you can sign up here if you've been a member of HASA for thirty days or more.

Daunted by the idea of reviewing? Don’t be, reviewing at its simplest comes down to asking yourself: “Would I recommend this story to someone?” Then, whether the answer is 'yes' or 'no', you can make a choice from the capsule reasons to clarify your decision. If you want to, you can add a few more words to convey what you (dis)liked about the story, but just the capsule reason is perfectly fine as well.

And remember: even if you think you're too critical or not critical enough: your review is only one of nine, and all points of view are welcome. Not every reviewer has to review every story and in the end it does all level out to a balanced judgement.

Reviewed story spotlight

These stories have passed through review since the previous bulletin. Congratulations to all authors; well done!

Love is a dance by Lady Demiya
Rating: General
Genre: General
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War
Summary: One-shot. A scene in which Eomer begins to notice Lothiriel. Set in Eomer's perspective; his wants and desires. Book-verse. POST-WOTR.

The Flower King by WindSurfBabe
Rating: General
Genre: Romance
Era: 4th Age
Summary: Years after King Elessar's passing, the laughter and music of the elves do not grace mortal ears anymore. The woods stand silent ; the time of Men has come. But an elf lingers in his father's realm. His choice is finally made.

Breath of an Elf by Tanis
Rating: General
Genre: Drama
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War
Summary: Third Age - a tag, with permission from Neoinean, to her 1st Place Teitho challenge story, ...and it was done. A little comfort after all the exquisite hurt in Neoinean's fabulous story. Revelations of a personal nature, though revealed by coercion, will change the course of one's ...

Make an author’s day, review a story or post a comment.

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