Sunday, April 15, 2012

HASA How-tos - April 2012

How do I...

...add an item to the Research Cabinet?

The quickest way to get started with the Research Cabinet is to add a few items to it. It's as easy as finding an item to add and clicking a button!

  1. Log in to HASA.
  2. Go to the Resources section of the site.
  3. Browse for a Research Library item you would like to add to your cabinet. The items you can add are:
    a. Timeline Events
    b. Character Bios
    c. Places
    d. Things
    e. Full Text Searches (Note - you have to save a search before you can add it to your Cabinet)
  4. Once you have found the Library item you want to add to you Research Cabinet, look for the right-hand menu box labeled "Research Cabinet".
  5. In the Research Cabinet box, click the "Add this [item] to research cabinet".
  6. The page refreshes and the item is added to your cabinet.

At this point, you can leave the item loose in the Cabinet, add it to a Notebook, and/or create a Research Note to go with it; and we will look at how to do that in the next few months. The great thing about the research cabinet is that you can organise your information so that it makes sense to you.

The May Story Pledge Challenge

A HASA member recently sent in a proposal for a site fundraiser, and it is great! In short:

  1. We use a Nuzgûl or Oliphaunt challenge, or perhaps come up with a new one.
  2. The challenge starts May 1 and runs until June 1.
  3. Authors write a story to meet the challenge prompt.
  4. These challenge entries will be featured on HASA's home page in place of the usual reviewed stories as soon as there are three entries and will remain on the home page all during the challenge.
  5. Readers will offer pledges for each story that is posted to the Challenge - they have to be a full story, not just a story placeholder.
  6. For each dollar raised in story pledges, HASA's Secret Admirer will put up a matching dollar, up to $500.

Want to know more? Then come to the Story Pledge Challenge Forum. We look forwards to your ideas and thoughts! Or perhaps you already know you want to pledge an amount or have an idea you want to write for one of the prompts that have been posted…

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