Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something Different

Ang says "Let's help Haiti". She'll take care of the rest of site hosting for this month, and encourages HASA visitors to give to the charity/relief organization of their choice. Below is a list of links to sites where donations can be made. Some links go to pages the aggregate other links, while some go directly to organizations. There is also a link to a site where you can verify the reputation of these organizations. Thank you!
  • - page of relief organizations. Many different organizations, some religious, some secular, with a lot of options. All are reputable.

  • Los Angeles Times page of organizations

  • Clinton Foundation Haiti page - has a list of organizations accepting donations. Bill is the UN special envoy for Haiti.

  • Global Giving - has some local Haitian organizations for those who don't want to give to the big anonymous organizations.

  • Doctors Without Borders - is reputable and already working in Haiti.

  • Partners in Health - same as DWB. Has been in Haiti 20 years.

  • ShelterBox - this organization packs and delivers boxes filled with essential relief gear.

  • Charity Navigator - site for checking out the reputability of an organization. Not just the Haitian relief effort.

  • Cash is needed most of all to purchase immediate supplies: food, water, portable shelter, medical supplies.


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