Saturday, January 9, 2010

Challenges in January

Check out challenges!

December Birthday challenge

You have through today to write up a birthday present story for one of our December birthday babies. Even if you just have an idea and not a full story ready, you can enter it as a placeholder. If you need a reminder on who had a birthday in December, go to the Event Calendar in About and do a search for December 2009 birthdays. There are currently 35 birthday girls and boys. NOTE: You have to be a logged in to search for other member's birthdays.

January Birthday challenge

We have several people asking for presents, and several stories have already been written. Check out the January 2010 discussion thread for the latest news. There are 35 member birthdays in the calendar, so plenty of members who would love a little recognition of their special day.

Treasure Hunt challenge

HASA has a new kind of challenge - the treasure hunt. All HASA pages now have a little treasure tucked away on them. The treasures are obscure entires in the Research Library, and different treasures appear in different areas of the web site. The challenge is to take the Challenges treasure for a story focus and then use one or more of the other treasures to write a story. See the challenge itself for more detailed instructions.

Who is going to come up with the most interesting combination of treasures?

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