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HASA Announcement - Recently-Updated Stories


The following members have birthdays coming up. If you're in the drabbling mood, why not write them 100 words as a birthday card?

Fliewatuet (April 29) requested, "Since my all-time favorite character is Aragorn, I would like to read how he dealt with that age (or the Dúnedain equivalent of 40)."

The following drabbles have been written in the following week:

"Paranoia is Sweet Revenge" by Vistula for Larner

If you have a birthday in [month] and would like a drabble about your favorite character or topic, you can request it at

This week's focus:


All of us writers love feedback. It is the lembas and miruvor that sustains us as we write our story, and leaving a few words about a story is always a nice thing to do, whether the story is new or old.

Every fifteen minutes HASA hilights a story chosen at random from the Reviewed and General stories in the archive. The current story is

Weary beyond Joy or Sorrow by Imhiriel
"When Aragorn 'could labour no more, he cast his cloak about him, and slipped out of the City, and went to his tent just ere dawn...' (RotK, The Houses of Healing) - but what awaited him there? Drabble."

Why not go to and check out the currently featured story?

Many talented writers are publishing every day. Check out these stories just added to HASA:

Reviewed Stories

Lothiriel's Journey by Lady Bluejay
A light-hearted look at how Lothiriel and Eomer could have met. Contains some fun sexual innuendos and humour.

Final Choice by Meril
Nimloth's last moments in Menegroth.

General Stories
Leather by Marta
Sometimes, a sensation as simple as touch can have a powerful affect. Boromir/Theodred.

A Cat in King Elessar's Court by Agape4Gondor
A royal descendant of Beruthiel's cats spends time with us, reminiscing about life in Minas Tirith once a certain Hobbit arrives. Drama/humor. (WIP)

Beta Stories
(Please note, you need to be logged in to view these stories.)

Never shall the sun that morrow see by Peregrin Ionad.
"Find the King's son" the call came, cutting through the sound of the upon the rocks, echoing off the surrounding mountains. Please beware this story is very AU. (WIP)

Untold Tales of the Mark: The Banishment of Eomer by Katzilla
A very dark AU take of what Eomer's banishment could have been like... angsty as you would expect from me. (WIP)

And now for your mid-month nuzgul. Because the only way to get stories to read is for someone to write them, and that requires our fangy little friends.

Minority Rulez!

"So, there was recently a minority_rules challenge over at LJ that was inspired by the fact that the Democratic nominee in the U.S. presidential election would likely be a woman or an ethnic minority. I missed the sign-up for that challenge, but it got me thinking about the many women and racial minorities who are in places of authority in Middle-earth. There are obvious canonical women rulers like Eowyn and Galadriel, and less obvious ones like Gollum's grandmother who is described as a matriarch.

"And then there's possibility for original ones, situations where the younger men would likely be away, for instance at Dunharrow or in the Angle, or after the destruction of Laketown when so many of the men rode north.

"That's not even touching the problems faced by the ethnic "other." A Sindarin Celeborn in Valinor would have likely faced problems, as would Eowyn in Gondor. And let's not even talk about the ways Eol was misunderstood in Gondolin.... I'm sure there are other possibilities, too.

"So why don't we have a challenge of our own in honor of the fact that a woman or minority might soon be the U.S. president? Write me a story, poem, drabble, or essay about the challenges a woman or ethnic minority might have faced in Middle-earth? "

If you don't feel the tickle of little fangs in your ankle yet, there are many more potential stories just waiting to be written. Read all of HASA's many story prompts in our Nuzgul hutch.

Do you have a suggestion you'd like to see added to the hutch? Submit it using the "Submit a Story Suggestion" form.

Happy reviewing!
PS- Do you have something in particular you would like included in next week's announcement? If so, please contact me here.

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