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HASA Announcement - Funding Update, Challenges, Drabbles, & Resources

Hey guys,

There was a slight confusion between Arandil (the other volunteer who helps post announcements) and myself; we each thought the other was posting the weekly HASA Announcements. Sorry about that! Here's the highlights of what would have been posted the last two weeks, and I'll post the normal Sunday announcement starting this Sunday.


No website is truly free. HASA does not display ads or charge for memberships, but there are still costs associated with running the website. The website depends on member donations to pay its monthly hosting fee of $150.00.

Currently available funding: 285.50
To provide funding through: May 2008

Ang asked me to pass on the following message about the First Quarter funding drive:

"Since December 25th, when the drive started, site members and the public have donated $345. HASA's Secret Admirer has donated her original $200 pledge, and then has gone on to match every donated dollar for a total of $345. After Amazon and Pay Pal fees are deducted, this gives HASA $682.05 in new donations. Added to our base amount before the drive began, $203.45, HASA has a 2008 donation total of $885.50.

All three Quarter 1 hosting payments have been made, for a total of $450 in hosting costs. This leaves HASA with $435.50 for Quarter 2 hosting costs, only $15 short of all expenses through June.

[Please note, this amount of $435.50 was before the payment was made for the April hosting fees. 285.50+150.00 = 435.50]

If anyone would like to make a donation, you may do so here.


The following members have requested a birthday drabble. If you're in the drabbling mood, why not write them 100 words as a birthday card?

RS (April 4th) requested: "My favorite character is Aragorn. I would love to see a relaxed and fun Aragorn... or Aragorn on vacation! Or maybe Aragorn and Arwen in an argument (there's no such thing as a perfect couple!)."

Ainaechoiriel (April 7th) requested: "In light of our now-started adoption process of a little girl from Russia[...], I request adoption stories. Please, not all Aragorn and Frodo[...] Anyway, orphans that needed care. And there were likely adults who chose to take them in. Let's meet some of them and find what's in their hearts. Interracial or intercultural is a plus.

Larner (April 13) requested: "Following a perceived insult of some kind, Frodo has determined to play a prank on his friend Aragorn. It can be anywhere along the road. [...] One of the others may warn Aragorn of his peril, and that he's in danger of retaliation by a master of retaliatory pranks."

Fliewatuet (April 29) requested, to mark her 40th birthday: "Since my all-time favourite character is Aragorn, I would like to read how he dealt with that age (or the Dunedain equivalent of 40). This can be anything from a birthday party to mid-life crisis. Though I wouldn't mind reading about your favourite character either."

The following drabbles have been written so far this month:

--- Symbols of Love by Larner for RS
--- Paranoia is Sweet Revenge by Vistula the Dunadan for Larner

If you have a birthday in April and would like a drabble about your favorite character or topic, you can request it here.


There are no challenges currently open. Why not propose a challenge at the Prospective Challenges Forum? If five people are interested, we can get a challenge going. Or, if you're looking for something to write, check out the Nuzgul Hutch. (You'll need to be logged in for that last link.)

This week's focus:


The HASA Research Library is a very useful resource for writers as well as for online discussions on book canon. You can find entries on characters, settings, events, and items, containing cited quotes about the item you are trying to find more information on. This portion of the site is available to both members and non-members here.

Would you like to get involved with Resources? If you like researching and want to help develop this section of HASA you can contact the Resources & Research Library through the contact form here.

What's new in Resources:

Timeline Events:
--- Reinforcements arrive from the Outlands for the Siege of Minas Tirith (March 9, 3019 T.A.)
--- Elvensmiths of Eregion begin to forge Rings of Power (c. 1500 S.A.)

Character Biographies
--- The Brandybucks
--- Herb-master of the Houses of Healing

--- Straight Road
--- Imloth Melui

--- Palantiri
--- athelas

Good luck researching your story! If you enjoy this section of the site please feel free to thank the researchers, listed at the bottom of every entry.

And always remember, grasshopper: the path of wisdom leads through proper citations. *grins*


PS- Do you have something in particular you would like included in next week's announcement? If so, please email me.

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