Friday, June 15, 2007

Site Updates

Over the last week, a number of changes have been uploaded to HASA, some obvious, some under the hood.

Simplifying the site

The biggest changes from a support perspective is that the site continues to be flattened out and its directory structure simplified. Two sections of the old Members area have been migrated up to the general public level - Stories and Playlists.

In the case of Stories, this simply consolidates what had become two identical sets of pages. The public level story pages have had a complete code overhaul over the last year and are in great shape for browsing. The old Members area pages have been replaced with redirects so that old links to those pages will automatically go to the correct new pages.

For Playlists, this section was languishing in obscurity in the old Members area. It was difficult to get to, not very well promoted, and not serving its chief purpose - to bring collections of stories to the attention of readers. They have had a complete code overhaul to get it in good shape and are now part of the public level. As with Stories, redirects are in place to catch any lingering links.

New features!

Playlists are a new feature for the site. There will be a more in depth new article on them shortly, but the quick explanation is that they are like song playlists you might put together on your iPod or MP3 player, keeping all your favorites in one place and in a certain order. Best of all, others can see your lists and add them to their playlist collection. There are pods for your My Stuff page to go with the playlists.

These are all of the changes in store for the summer. Several other projects are underway and due to launch after the Labor Day holiday.

Happy Reading!

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