Friday, June 15, 2007

Playlists Are Public!

Reading stories is fun. Sharing favorite stories is even more fun. Until today, it was not easy for HASA readers to share their favorite stories with other readers. Playlists are HASA's answer to the question "Read anything good lately?"

What's a Playlist?

A playlist is set of stories someone has put together in order to share with other readers. They take their basic concept from music playlists that you can put together and share with other listeners. Playlists are pretty simple, really. They have a title and a short explanation of why the list owner put it together. After that, there are one or more stories on the list, each with a short statement of why it was included on the list. Once a list of stories has been created, the list owner can set the stories in order.

How Do I Use a Playlist?

That will depend on whether you are a list reader or a list owner.

  • List Reader - Just go to playlists, and read over the list until you see a collection that interests you. If you are a member and logged in to the site, you can save your favorite lists in your own Playlist collection. It is a great way to quickly build a library of favorite stories! Even if you are not a HASA member, playlists are available for the general public to use.
  • List Owner -
    • If you are a reader, you can collect your favorite stories in one place and tell people why you think they are so great. Give some visibility to your favorite writers!
    • If you are an author with sets of stories (perhaps you are writing a story cycle), you can put all of your related stories into a single list and then put them in chronological order. Your readers will love you for it!
    • If you co-write stories and series with other authors, you can create a joint list. Set up a Workshop, add your stories to the Workshop, and then create a workshop playlist from them. Instant story collections!

You can have as many playlists as you like, and store as many lists in your collection as you wish. You can set up a list beforehand in My Stuff/Playlists and then add stories as you read, or you can create lists on the fly. It's all up to you!

The most recently updated lists automatically appear on the HASA home apge, so be sure to take a look and see what other people are reading. Create a list today and give other HASA visitors something good to read over the weekend.

Happy Reading!

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