Monday, January 5, 2015

HASA closure and migration news

At the beginning of 2015, this is where we are in the closure and migration process:

  • The MOU with Open Doors has been submitted

  • Once Open Doors has signed, there will be a two week period for doing any last edits or updates to stories. This puts the freeze date in mid to late January. After that, the site will be read-only for what is left of its existence.

  • After the freeze, stories will be exported to an interim site to prepare them for being imported at AO3 - the import process will take some time, given the number of stories. If you want to help with this, let us know; the more people who help with the transfer, the sooner the collection will be available at AO3.

  • Also: if you are already at AO3, let us know! This too will help immensely with the transfer of stories.

  • Julie has volunteered to maintain the HASA collection on AO3!

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