Wednesday, November 19, 2014

HASA News November 2014

Site freeze
In preparation for exporting the archive to Open Doors (see below) the story part of HASA will have to be frozen: this means that no new stories can be posted and no changes to existing stories can be made. The last date to make changes to your stories is DECEMBER 7. After that you can still read, print, get HTML code, etc., but no changes to the story can be made. Forums are unaffected by this, as we need to communicate with each other.
Please note: if you do not want your stories moved to AO3/Open Doors, or if they are already there, you must switch your stories' status to something other than 'General' or 'Reviewed', since those are the ones that will be exported. Stories with Beta status will not be exported, so if you set your stories to 'Beta' they will not be included in the move. You must do this BEFORE the Site freeze!
Open Doors
As you may have read already, Anglachel is working with the Open Doors project to save the stories on the site. Please keep in mind not everything will be transferred. Things that will NOT be moved to Open Doors:
  • Stories with a 'Beta' status
  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Discussions
  • Chapter view click counts
You have to save these yourself if you want to keep them!
Some people have already volunteered to help with the work that will still need to be done to transfer the stories to AO3. Check it out here, along with the rest of the discussion about the shut down.
Sites and help wanted list
MEFA links – For anyone who's had a story nominated for the MEFAs, there's an archive kept at with information about the stories, including the link the author provided at the time. If you'd like that link changed (because it's at HASA or otherwise outdated), go to the MEFA Livejournal for the details. And thank you, Aranel, for taking on this task!
Archives – There are many archives, and this list is in no way exhaustive, or meant to be so – please tell us about sites we overlooked in the discussion thread.
Many Paths to Tread, Silmarillion Writers Guild, Naice a Nilme and Faerie have offered to help authors who want to transfer their stories, for which we can only say a heartfelt Thank you! Please contact their admins for details.
Do check out the content and rating policies of the site(s) you want to post on before deciding on where to migrate to. Also, so that we can attempt to build a directory of authors, tell us where you will go, or any other site(s) you already post on. Please use this post on the HASA LJ or the discussion thread at HASA itself for that!
Help wanted – If you have time between now and the end of the year and you want to do something to help, why not help the Many Paths to Tread and Silmarillion Writers Guild admins in transferring stories? Contact them through the sites to see if there's something you can do!

(Edited to add Naice a Nilme to the list of sites helping with transferring stories)

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