Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy HASA Site Support News

Please note Ang's Challenges Fundraiser update, it is progressing wonderfully.
We are down to our final 7 days of the Challenge. Authors, consider entering a new work in the challenge by Friday next week. Challenge entries will stay on the home page through Saturday, June 2nd. All of our contributors have maxed their pledge amounts for a total of $325. HASA's Secret Admirer is matching those contributions for an overall Story Pledge Challenge amount of $650. That is more than 4 months of hosting!

Thank you to all the writers and pledges. You still have time to submit more stories and more pledges, and join the fun.

HASA thanks our regular subscribers for your steady and much appreciated anonymous support of the site. You may not be known to the membership and get the public thanks you deserve, but rest assured that your contributions are the foundation that keeps HASA running.

Thanks for enjoying & supporting HASA!


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