Sunday, February 19, 2012

HASA How-tos - February 2012

This month's HASA How-to looks at posting stories.

How do I...

... post my stories?

This month we look at how to post your stories at HASA.

How to post your story at HASA

Every HASA member can post as many stories as she likes to the site.

First, check you’re logged in. Then go to My Stuff and select My Stories. Choose Add New Story.

Now that you have done that, the next thing you have to do is create a story overview. In the story overview you put in the title, a summary, and some details like characters and the type of story it is.

Next, you can add chapters to your story.

Please be sure to read the onscreen instructions (on the righthand side of the page) the first few times you create stories, or if you run into problems. They will help you avoid the most common errors.

When you’re done, press Edit Story (at the bottom of the form).

You are returned to your story list. Now find the story you just added and directly select ‘add chapter’ in the story list. You can also click on the title of the story and add your chapter(s) from the Story Overview.

Once you’re in the chapter dialogue, enter a title for your chapter under Chapter Title, and paste in your chapter text in the Chapter Text window (mind to use the ‘paste from Word’ option if you are pasting from Word).

Take a minute to read the notes about the editor toolbar on the right – there are useful hints there.

Select a chapter status: private or public

Private means your chapter won’t be visible. Your default choice should be Public, unless you have specific reason to keep a chapter out of view for the time being.

Now ‘add chapter’. You will now see what your chapter looks like. You can make edits if you need to (‘edit this chapter’). Other options are ‘add chapter’, ‘convert line breaks’ (look at last month’s how-to; however this is only relevant if you are editing an older story), copy chapter and ‘return to story overview’.

Select ‘return to story overview’. Now comes an important step in making sure your story can be read: Set chapter numbers. Your chapters do not appear to readers if the chapter number is ‘0’.

Select your chapter number. If you have more chapters listed already, select Reorder List.

Now you can add another chapter(s) if you like.



Check if all your chapters are set to public and have a number greater than ‘0’.



If there is any topic you’d like to see in the how-to, please let us know!

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