Sunday, October 10, 2010

HASA news - October 2010 week 2 - advertisements

This week's news features an announcement by Anglachel about advertising on HASA.

HASA will start displaying advertisements in next few weeks. It was a hard decision to make. This post is to explain the reasoning for the change to the site's previously ad-free environment.

One of the reasons HASA was created was to provide a place to read Tolkien fanfiction that did not bombard the site visitors with obnoxious advertisements. In the early Naughties, web advertisements were hitting their stride with invasive, annoying, bad-mannered and downright offensive crud. Web browsers didn't have ad-blocking capabilities, so the only refuge was an ad-free site.

For seven years, I've been able to keep the site advertisement free. I've been able to rely on voluntary donations by site members and the reading public alike. [...]

Read the full announcement here on HASA. Of course, you can still donate if you prefer, but clicking an advert now and again helps to pay for the site hosting as well.

Thank you for reading at HASA!

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