Sunday, February 14, 2010

HASA How-tos

HASA has always allowed authors to link stories to characters. Find out how to link your stories to Events, Places and Things, too!

How do I... a story to an item in the Research Library?

You've written a story for the Treasures Hunt Challenge, and have entered it in the Challenge, and now you want to link it to the treasures you used, or you have another story that you want to link to a Research Library item.

Make sure you are logged in.

Go to Resources, and find the Character, Event, Place or Thing you want to link your story to.

In the righthand column you will see a heading 'Linked Stories' with two options underneath: "View Stories linked to this Character/Event/Place/Thing" and "Link my story to this Character/Event/Place/Thing".

You click on "Link my story to this Character/Event/Place/Thing". Now you are on a page with a pull-down list of your stories.

Select the story you want to link to the Research Library item, and click on Link Story.

Your story is now linked to the Research Library item you picked.

If you made a mistake and linked the wrong story, you can now easily remove the link again: on this same page, you have a list of all your stories that are linked to any particular research topic. Just click on "Remove Link" and the story is no longer linked to the Research topic.

Stories can be linked to more than one research topic, and you can link more than one story to any one research topic too.

So take a look at the February Treasures Hunt, and be inspired by this month's items...

You don't need to be entered in a Treasure Hunt challenge to link your stories. You can link any of your stories to Research Library entries whenever you like. Do you have something that takes place in Dol Amroth or Rivendell? Link to those places! Is your story set during the Fall of Gondolin? There's an Event entry for that awaiting your link. Do you discuss Wargs? Link to their entry!

Link away, and above all, have fun writing!


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