Thursday, December 24, 2009

HASA is back online

HASA is back online a little earlier than expected:

  • If you are using an older browser (IE6, Firefox 2.x, Opera earlier than 9.8, etc.) you need to upgrade for the best view of the site. HASA is usable, but not very nice under older browsers.

  • The site has been reorganized. Please take time to study the new navigation menus and choices and see if you can locate the page you're looking for if you don't see it right away.

  • You will have to log in again to the new site. Passwords saved by your browser probably will not work.

  • A great deal of database work has been performed in the last 48 hours. Some settings have been reset to default values and you may need to restore your customizations.

  • Check your profile. Everyone has been upgraded to full member (no more Readers/Authors) and all members now have an author record. Members can now list state/province and city if desired, and they can add URLS to multiple websites they own.

  • If you have stories, take a look at them. Very old stories may have lost their paragraph and line breaks.

  • If you have Challenge entries, make sure they are all still there. Challenges are now all public, all the time, and some old settings may keep your entries from showing.

  • My Library not only shows bookmarked stories, bookmarked authors, and all alerts, you can now save searches and manage comments you make to authors.

  • Alerts & Favorites under My Stuff will now show you who has you and your stories saved as favorites, as well as showing alerts and comments. You can manage subscribers to your alerts, too.

  • Readers now have a Readers Toolbox on story pages to help manage bookmarks, playlists, alerts, recommendations and so forth.

  • Authors have more story management tools.

  • The forum thread for recording bug reports is:

Happy Reading!

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