Monday, August 17, 2009

HASA Reviews August 2009

Welcome to the first new reviews bulletin.

Reviews are an important part of the site: there are the authors who sit waiting with baited breath and fraying nerves, and there are our intrepid reviewers to think of. So before looking at the stories: Thank you all for your effort, authors and reviewers alike!

Of course, there’s also Jay of Lasgalen, our Reviews Admin, who deserves her own round of applause for her hard work, and it’s in fact a forum discussion between her and Agape4Gondor that led to Reviews getting a separate news bulletin again. Go read, and if you have ideas and suggestions, please join in.

Stories in review
As I type this, there are 12 stories waiting for reviewers (remember to log in before you follow the link).

Of course, member participation is crucial for reviews. The more people are involved in reviewing, the more opinions are represented. Just as importantly, having more people involved means that stories pass through review more quickly - which is good for everyone.

If you are an active reviewer, why not go and check out a story?

Becoming a reviewer
If you're not an active reviewer, but think you can spare a bit of time... – even if you just review one or two stories in a month, every review is welcome. If you are logged in, you can sign up here if you've been a member of HASA for thirty days or more.

Put one in, take one out
By submitting a story for review, you are asking nine other members to read and evaluate it. So why not do for the other authors who have a story in review what you'd like other reviewers to do for you: check out one of the stories already in review and give it a read. Put more simply: put one in, take one out...

Reviewed story spotlight

These are the latest stories to pass through review. Authors, congratulations; well done, people!

Bridal Bouquet by Lindahoyland
Rating: General
Genre: Romance
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War
Summary: Galadriel prepares a very special bouquet for her granddaughter. 100 words as counted in MS WORD. Written for a challenge.

Crossing Borders by IgnobleBard
Rating: Adult
Genre: Drama Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards
Summary: A misunderstanding threatens to expose Faramir's secret. AU, slash, angst, whipping (not bdsm)

In Defiance of the Dark by Larner
Rating: General
Genre: Romance Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War
Summary: She had been very beautiful--and a courtesan and slave. Now she and the Ringbearer find themselves defying the Dark as he visits her in the Houses of Healing, encouraged by his friend, the King Elessar.

Truth by Starlight
Rating: General
Genre: General Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War
Summary: Faramir learns of the manner of his father's death.

Autre temps, autre moeurs (Other days,other ways) by Lindahoyland
Rating: General
Genre: General Era: 4th Age
Summary: An envoy at King Elessar's Court writes a letter home. Written for a challenge.

Thank you for reading, writing and reviewing at HASA. Enjoy!


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