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HASA Announcement - Stories + Forum Posts

Hey guys,

Due to a mix-up on my part, last week's announcement wasn't posted. Ergo, this week you get all the features that would have been posted last week as well as this week.


No members had birthdays last week or this week. If you're in the drabbling mood, you can still write a drabble for this month's sole birthday baby:

Beruthiel [June 7] requested "a scene between Pippin and Faramir, before Pippin leaves for the battle at the Black Gate."

The following drabble has been written in the following week:

For Want Of... by Larner for Beruthiel

If you have a birthday in June and would like a drabble about your favorite character or topic, you can request it here.

The thread to request drabbles for next month isn't up, but it should be before too much longer. Keep an eye out for it!

Last week's focus:


All of us writers love feedback. It is the lembas and miruvor that sustains us as we write our story, and leaving a few words about a story is always a nice thing to do, whether the story is new or old.

Every fifteen minutes HASA hilights a story chosen at random from the Reviewed and General stories in the archive. The current story is

Drink a Cup by SheBit
A drinking song sung by the men of Gondor in remembrance of those who fought against Sauron over Mordor.

Why not go here and check out the currently featured story?

Many talented writers are publishing every day. Check out these stories just added to HASA:

Reviewed Stories
My Shing Stars by Oshun
And now for something controversial: Elrond stands on the deck of the ship carrying him to Aman writing notes in a journal.

The Green Flash by DrummerWench
Written as 2007 holiday gift for Dawn Felagund to following prompt: "Fingon and Turgon, younger, in Valinor. You hint about their relationship--or lack thereof--a lot, and I find myself thinking on this when reading your stories. So I'd like to see a scene between them. It doesn't have to be serious or even revealing; just a hint of what there was between the two brothers in Aman."


General Stories
Prince of Horses, Lord of Stone by Elen Kortirion
Prince Theodred is prevented from travelling to the Fords of Isen by a strange message, and is sent to Parth Galen to rescue Boromir... 'where the quest balances on a knife-edge'... and the changes this entails, when Theodred eventually fights at the Pelennor and Boromir at the sieges of Lothlorien and Dol Guldur. (Adult, WIP)

With Hope and Without Hope by docmon
One decision made differently - the Three Hunters run through that second night of their chase after the Orcs rather than rest - and everything changes. Well, not everything. They're merely captured by the Orcs like Merry and Pippin. Not in the plan. (WIP)


Beta Stories
(Please note, you need to be logged in to view these stories.)

A Woman of Valor by Red's Head
The Return of the King told through the eyes of a Haradrim woman, a tale of her escape from enthrallment to the redemption of her spirit. (WIP)

Orcs in Hobbiton by The Lauderdale
AU. Two years after Sauron won the war, his Orcs have come to a Shire under Saruman's dominion. The hobbits that are its proper inhabitants are caught in the middle. Told in drabbles and double-drabbles. (AU)

This week's focus:


One of the best ways to get involved at HASA is through our forums. People are discussing research questions and stories as well as having fannish squees regularly there.

Some useful forum links:

"On Our Minds" displays the ten most recent posts in forums open to all HASA members. It's a good way to catch up on what you've missed, though the page can move quickly when lots of forums are active at once.

If you've been out of touch for longer than a few days you might want to use the "One Month of Posts" page. This page has just what it sounds like: a list of forums that have been posted to in the last month, beginning with the most recently updated.

Workshops are specialized writing communities. They allow you to share stories you aren't ready to post to the whole site, and many have interesting forums attached to them. Explore workshops to find a group of members interested in similar topics. (You must be logged in to see this link.

Now, here are some of the most recently-updated threads in HASA forum. Don't be shy. If any interest you, why not jump in?

HASA Birthday Card Forums
Subject: Re: June 2008 Birthdays

Prospective Challenges
Subject: Re: Challenge Proposal: Tiny AUs

MEFAs – The Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards
Subject: MEFA 2008: A Reminder for Nominated Authors

Here's hoping this week finds you having many interesting discussion about all things Tolkien. Because, really, you were trying to cut back on sleep anyway, right?

Until next time,

PS- Do you have something in particular you would like included in next week's announcement? If so, please contact me here.

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