Sunday, May 11, 2008

HASA Announcement (May 11-18)


The following members have birthday this week. If you're in the drabbling mood, why not write them 100 words as a birthday card?

RiverOtter (May 6) requested, "I would like to see the Fourth Age of Middle Earth. Any place, any character is fine."

Nath (May 18) requested, "I would like anything related to 'time', any characters and any rating, though my current favourites are the Northern Dúnedain."

The following drabbles have been written in the following week:
--- Ties of Love by Imhiriel for Ainaechoiriel
--- (Untitled) by thelauderdale for Dwimordene
--- Seeds Under Stone by Raksha the Demon for RiverOtter
--- The King's Time by Larner for Nath
--- A Treasure Retrieved by Larner for Dwimordene
--- Amends by Nath for Dwimordene
--- Prisoner of Time by Raksha the Demon for both Nath and Dwimordene

If you have a birthday in May and would like a drabble about your favorite character or topic, you can request it here.


There are several stories in HASA Review, a few of which have been there for quite a long time. All members who joined HASA at least thirty days ago, you can become a reviewer. To look at the available stories, log in to HASA and visit here.

To whet your appetite, here are the summaries of three stories currently available in Review.

"An adventurous Elwë (Thingol) and a lonely Nowê (Cirdan) form a friendship before the First Age. Slash"

"Short AU: Forgetting every impossibility, the Three Hunters overtake the Orcs and contrive a plan to save the two captives."

"This is one Orc's story of his time working the Mordor convoys. Not all of them saw battle, after all.."

This week's focus:


The HASA Research Library is a very useful resource for writers as well as for online discussions on book canon. You can find entries on characters, settings, events, and items, containing cited quotes about the item you are trying to find more information on. This portion of the site is available to both members and non-members here.

Would you like to get involved with Resources? If you like researching and want to help develop this section of HASA you can contact the Resources & Research Library through the contact form here.

What's new in Resources:

Timeline Events:
Narsil reforged and renamed Andúril.
Merry and Pippin captured in the Orc-raid at Parth Galen.

Character Biographies
Denethor II
Will Whitfoot

Cerin Amroth

Old Man Willow

Good luck researching your story! If you enjoy this section of the site please feel free to thank the researchers, listed at the bottom of every entry.

And always remember, grasshopper: the path of wisdom leads through proper citations. *grins*


PS- Do you have something in particular you would like included in next week's announcement? If so, please contact me here.

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