Sunday, December 30, 2007

HASA Announcement: New Quickie Challenge


The thread for January Birthday drabbles is up. If you have a January birthday and haven't done so already, post your request here.

Imhiriel has a birthday this upcoming week. She requested,"I'd like to get drabbles from the PoV of something that normally has no voice - a tree, a building, an heirloom, a landscape, a constellation etc. - time or place don't matter, but the more unusual the PoV, the better."

The following drabbles were posted this week:

--- "Waiting" by Vilwarin for Imhiriel
--- "The Kindly Airs" by Dwimordene for Imhiriel


HASA is currently only funded through the end of January. If you would like to donate money toward future months' site fees, you can do so here.


This Sunday is the fifth Sunday of December, which means it's time for another quickie challenge. In honor of New Year's Eve, this challenge focuses on remembrances. Write a story, drabble, or poem about a character remembering a past event. When you post the story, make sure you enter it in the challenge here and comment in the forum here.


There are currently nine stories in review. If you have been a member of HASA for thirty days, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to become a reviewer. Here are three sample summaries to pique your interest:

----- "As he leads Tuor to Gondolin, Voronwë learns of love, of fate, of fear... and most importantly, of hope. Contains mild slash, but is ultimately true to canon."

----- "What is seen of the Ringbearer from four different points of view."

----- "The War of the Ring is over, but memories remain. A vignette about life, death, and a date's irony."

HASA members, to see if there's a story you'd be interested in reviewing, check it out. (You'll need to be logged in.)

And that's it! Have a good week.

(HASA Admin.)

PS - If you have an announcement you'd like included for next week, please email me.

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