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November birthday babies: the thread to request drabbles for your birthday is up. If you have a birthday this month, please visit the below link and post a request.

And don't forget to set up a story for any stories written for your birthday. If you have questions about how to do this, just post at the above forum.

There are no drabble requests for this week. To see requests for later this month, just go to the above forum.


Imhiriel has agreed to manage the birthday drabbles forum and the associated challenges and workshop. Feel free to ask her if you have any questions about anything connected to birthday drabbles.

This Week's Focus:



November 13 - Eleftheria Baggins: My birthday is on the thirteenth and for my request I would love anything with angst for Frodo. I don't mind other characters popping in too though. No slash.

November 27 - Aranel Took: I'd like some Dwarven romance, because Dwarves need love too! Any era, any pairing, OCs are welcome.

Post your request at the Birthday Cards Forum

Please create your story and add it to the birthday card workshop. This lets others put drabbles they write in an easily accessible location. Enter your story in the challenge for NOVEMBER drabbles. All birthday stories will also now be listed in a master playlist. There are instructions on how to do all this at the top of each thread in the Birthday Cards Forum; if you need help with the workshop, just ask the Workshop Manager, Gwynnyd.

New Challenges
Make a suggestion in the prospective Challenges thread. When five people accept, you have created a new Challenge.

Suggest a new challenge here.

Old Challenges
New Members 2006 - 2007 October 29 2007

This is a challenge for new members. By definition, a new member is any member who has been a member for fewer than four months or who, at the time of reading this, has written three (3) or fewer Tolkien fanfics.

Choose one of the following - there are choices from any Age, from "The Hobbit," from "Lord of the Rings," from "The Silmarillion", from "Unfinished Tales", and three choices from the Peter Jackson "Lord of the Rings" - movies.

Write a story on any of these prompts. There are no page limits.

X takes the Ring - AU Challenge March 25 2008
I have seen a few stories over the years where for instance Galadriel takes the Ring when Frodo offers it to her. But what would happen if others were to take it, for any reason, good or evil? Aragorn? Boromir, Gandalf, or Pippin perhaps? Or Sam abandons Frodo at Cirith Ungol and goes on alone to try to destroy the Ring...

It wouldn't have to be a member of the Fellowship; maybe Barliman Butterbur finds a golden ring in the room the Hobbits usedŠ or Bilbo loses it on one of his walking trips in the Shire.

These could be anything, serious, funny, dark; from drabbles to multi-chapter AUs, and anything in between.

Keep a New Year's resolution.

Wander over to the Nuzgul pen and adopt one today.

Review one story weekly.

Browse the Resources.

Leave a comment monthly.

Happy writing!

Fangedly yours,
>:-E Marta

PS- Do you have something in particular you would like included in next week's announcement? If so, please email me.

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