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HASA Announcements for October 6-13


HASA is fully funded through the end of the year. Thank you for your generous donations! If you would like to support HASA, Challenges is still looking for a volunteer to help run the Birthday Cards forum.

If anyone would like to make a donation toward next year's site expenses, you may do so at


No members with birthdays this week have requested drabbles, though some have requested drabbles for later in the month. If you have an October birthday, feel free to request a drabble at the Birthday Card Forum.

This Week's Focus:



The following members have requested birthday drabbles for October.

31, Rasha the Demon: : I'd particularly like something about the relationship of Faramir and Gandalf, but anything Faramir will do (except slash, no thanks).

Peregrin Ionad: I'd love any thing about the Son's of Elrond, Legolas and Aragorn, but I'm not adverse to the hobbits, Faramir, Glorfindel or Thranduil either!!

Post your request at the Birthday Cards Forum.

Please create your story and add it to the birthday card workshop. This lets others put drabbles they write in an easily accessible location. Enter your story in the challenge for OCTOBER drabbles. All birthday stories will also now be listed in a master playlist. There are instructions on how to do all this at the top of each thread in the Birthday Cards Forum; if you need help with the workshop, just ask the Workshop Manager, Gwynnyd.

A Quickie Challenge: Party Time
September 22 is the date of Bilbo's and Frodo's famous birthday party. And September 29-30 is the night that Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Sam spent in Bree. In honor of these two events, write a story that involves either a bar/pub/common room of some sort, or a party. Or both. Whatever else you want to include is up to you.

The catch? This is a "quickie" challenge, so it will only run for two weeks. Drabble, poems, one-shots, anything like that. (Challenge closes October 17, 2007.)

New Challenges
Make a suggestion in the prospective Challenges thread. When five people
accept, you have created a new Challenge

Old Challenges
New Members 2006 - 2007 October 29 2007
This is a challenge for new members. By definition, a new member is any member who has been a member for fewer than four months or who, at the time of reading this, has written three (3) or fewer Tolkien fanfics.

Choose one of the following - there are choices from any Age, from "The Hobbit," from "Lord of the Rings," from "The Silmarillion", from "Unfinished Tales", and three choices from the Peter Jackson "Lord of the Rings" - movies. Write a story on any of these prompts. There are no page limits.

Keep a New Year’s resolution.
Wander over to the Nuzgul pen and adopt one today.
Review one story weekly.
Browse the Resources.
Leave a comment monthly.
Celebrate Bilbo’s and Frodo’s birthday by giving a mathom to HASA.

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Happy writing!

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