Sunday, August 5, 2007

Announcements for August 5-12


No website is truly free. HASA does not display ads or charge for memberships, but there are still costs associated with running the website. The website depends on member donations to pay its monthly hosting fee of $150.00.

Currently available funding: $538.64
To provide funding through: November 2007

If anyone would like to make a donation, you may do so here.



The following members have birthday this week. If you're in the drabbling mood, why not write them 100 words as a birthday card?

Anglachel (August 4) requested "My husband and I bought an 80+ year old house earlier this year and are in the middle of renovating it, so buildings are on my mind. Big ones and small ones. Grand capitals on high hills and humble Hobbit holes beneath. Places that are new and places that are old. Write something about a place, preferably a single building. It can be in any era, any location, and told from any perspective. Tell me something about that place - a start, an end, a swift event, the slow passage of time. Bring that place to life."

If you have a birthday in August and would like a drabble about your favorite character or topic, you can request it here.



The monthly challenge bulletin, listing challenges closing this month and new ones that were set up in July, was posted earlier this week. Check it out here.



So far, last week's "Hide and Seek" challenge has had two responses.

"Seek for the Sword" by Linaewen
Boromir seeks answers while searching for the road to Rivendell.

"Hidden City" by Nath
His Master had told him to find it. So he did.

All responses to this challenge can be seen here.


Happy writing!

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