Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Alphabet of Middle-earth - Writing Cues for B2MeM

Just like last year, the month of March is dedicated to Middle-earth. No matter if you have not been there in ages or if you have never left, And of course "There and Back Again",along with HASA, has prepared something to celebrate B2MeM again, as well.

We proudly present a new series of writing cues for B2MeM:

The Alphabet of Middle-earth

"The Alphabet of Middle-earth" is a series of short cues to inspire you. We have included some very special "characters" so that there are exactly 31 cues to titillate your muses. One for each day of B2MeM.

We invite you to pick up any cue, any time and to post your take as a comment for the relevant entry in the LiveJournal Community "There and Back Again" , onlist over at the "Henneth Annun Yahoo Group", or in the HASA Back to Middle Earth Month Workshop and Alphabet of Middle Earth Challenge Write a drabble, a drouble, a tribble, a quabble or a quibble! Write 100, 200, 300, 400or 500 words! No matter if it's serious or silly, anything goes.

The daily prompts will be posted in the "There and Back Again" forum here at HASA and in the Workshop.

Have fun, have muses, have drabbles!


JunoMagic & Aranel Took

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